Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Boston Strong Pittsburgh

A lot of you probably already saw these pics on my Facebook page yesterday, but I was over eager to share them yesterday.  Still, I wanted to post them here to, of course, remember.

You've probably heard about runners coming together around the country in their cities to remember and help raise money for the victims at the Boston Marathon.  Well, Boston Strong Pittsburgh happened, but as it turned out I couldn't make it all the way downtown.  I decided instead to go to a local version held at a local community park.

Tracey and I decided to ride out together and since she was just brining her girls, I decided to just bring Ella.  The boys wanted to stay home and play hockey with Daddy anyway.  Ella was VERY excited to run and even though I don't think she FULLY understood what we were doing, she knew we were running for those that couldn't.

We said a nice prayer in the beginning especially for those still struggling to recover and the families that have experienced loss.  All of us there knew it could have been any one of us and it hit me just a little too close to home.

The child that died as a result of the bombing was Ella's age!  So, so sad!

Like I said, Ella was eager to run and she said she wanted to try for 3 miles.  The loop at the park was 1.1 miles.

We figured Jenna was good for one loop, and Megan also said she wanted to do 3 loops.

We all set off running and Megan quickly pulled ahead.

Tracey and I stayed with the girls.  After CrossFit that morning, I wasn't too keen on running.  A light jog was just fine with me.

Ella was so happy the whole time. She ran and chatted my ear off about this, that and the other thing.

Jenna made it one loop and decided she was hungry. I offered to stay back with her as Tracey and Ella went out for there 2nd loop (Megan was already on her 2nd).  Apparently Ella chatted up Tracey too, talking and running the whole time.

Ella took a rest for a bit and fueled up on a few cookies while Tracey went out to catch up with Megan.  I figured by the time Tracey got back Ella would have forgotten about the last loop, but she didn't.  As soon as Tracey got back, we (Ella and I) headed out for the final loop.

I was so proud of Ella for getting out there and running.  She set a goal to run 3 miles and she wasn't going to leave without doing it.  She took walking breaks as needed, but her smile never broke.  Every time I run with my children, I'm inspired by their enthusiasm and spirt and this time was no exception.

Ella woke up this morning sore and literally crying.  She said her feet and hamstrings were sore.   I told her yesterday that if she chose to run the full 3 miles, she would probably be sore the next day (mom is ALWAYS right).  This morning I reminded her of the injured people and how some of them aren't able to run right now.  I told her she should be thankful that she was able to run even if that meant feeling a little bit of pain.  I don't know if it helped her, but I told her every time she felt the pain to let that be a reminder and to take that time to pray for all the victims.  I don't know if she did, but I hope so.

Congrats to all the girls for running.  Megan ran 3.3, Ella 3.3 and Jenna 1.1 miles!  How awesome is that?  Also, thanks again to my wonderful, fabulous, couldn't be better friend Tracey for inviting us along and running along with Ella and me.


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