Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hosting a Yellow and Gray Baby Shower

Yesterday I hosted a surprise baby shower for my best friend from pharmacy school, Jennifer.  When Jen first got pregnant, I contacted her family to see if I could help with a shower, but I was told (in no uncertain terms) that Jennifer did NOT want a shower.  And she didn't want one--THEN!  About 3 weeks ago, Jen confessed during a late night talk with her hubby that she regretted saying she didn't want a shower.  Her husband filled us all in on Jen's "confession" so we all hopped into motion.  I hosted a shower for Jen at her home for her husband's side of the family and her mother hosted for Jennifer's side of the family the week prior.  Both showers were surprises and both were so fun.

When Jen pulled up to the house she acted so surprised and was so "mad" that we had "gotten her" two weeks in a row.  If she wasn't surprised, then she deserves an Oscar for her performance.  

I loved, loved, loved planning the shower.  I did try to keep all the fuss to a minimum as that is why Jennifer didn't want the shower to begin with.  I went with a gray and yellow theme since the sex of the baby is not known.  

I ordered the invites from this site on Etsy.  I was so pleased with the invite and the service was great.  I made an error on the first invite (left out SURPRISE) and she quickly fixed it and at no charge to me.

I wanted to do some special touches to show the thought I put into planning things for Jen's special occasion.  I think I originally saw the idea to set out a piggy bank on Pinterest.   Then I found this adorable chalkboard piggy bank at Target and just wrote on it asking the guests to fill the bank.

As the guest arrived I asked them to fill out these cards, "Wishes for baby."  They slipped their filled out card into a mini photo album and it's something I hope Jen, an eventually her baby, will look back on and smile.  

I found these cards and printed them for free here.  

I made all the decorations myself including pinwheels from this tutorial and tissue paper pom poms from this tutorial.  

I wanted to do a custom cake for Jen and even thought about making it myself, but the 3 hour car ride deterred me.  Because of our short time frame,  I couldn't find anyone able to make a custom cake.  I decided to order a regular cake and make my own cake topper inspired by this $35 topper I found on Etsy.  I made mine for less than $2.  Obviously the Etsy one was cuter, but I thought mine made a nice substitute.  That was, until someone called it a goal post.  Ha!

Since I knew Jen didn't want to play games, I decided to buy small prizes and give them away during the time Jen was opening her gifts.  You know, the old set a timer and whomever's gift she is opening gets the prize.  No harm in that right?

I also made little favors to thank the guests for coming by attaching a tag to color themed antibacterial hand sanitizer.  Good for when the guest come to visit baby!

I kept the food light and did wraps and pita sandwiches with pasta salad, veggies/dip and chips/pretzels.  Oh and the YELLOW lemonade of course.  I loved the veggies in the little paper cups, which I got here.  So cute!  I also ordered really cute yellow and gray paper straws, but they weren't delivered in time.  I still don't have them.  Next baby?  haha

None of these details really matter however.  Even though each thing was created with love and thought of making the day special, none it really mattered.  All that mattered was seeing Jennifer happy, and I truly think she was.

Because seriously, what mother-to-be doesn't deserve to be showered with love?

The happiness was seen on her face.

I would have done this shower a million times over (even on 3 weeks notice) just to see that happiness again and again.  I love you Jen, and I know you'll be a fabulous mom to your new baby.  I can't wait to meet and love him/her!


Ima Mosier said...

Great decorations!

April Hoff said...

Glad you found and used my printable "Wishes for Baby" printable! :) They look so cute printed out! :)

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