Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Tried my Best

So today's workout at CrossFit was hard.  Like I looked at the board and said, "that's gonna suck" hard.     Take a look-see.

First we did front squats.  We were supposed to do 3 sets of 5 at 70% of our max.  I settled on 65 lbs.  It was hard, but doable.  So far so good.

Then the WOD.  Oh the WOD.

21, 15, 9 for time:
Row (calories)
Thrusters 45 lbs Rx
Hand Release Pushup
Med Ball Clean 14 lbs Rx
Wall Ball

So to explain you have to do 21 of each exercise and then when you've gone through exercise, go through again doing 15 of each and then 9 of each.  Make sense?

So rowing for calories really makes you realize how much you have to row just to work off 21 stinking calories.  Seriously?  I know I'm a crappy rower, but I'm thinking about that rowing for every Cheez it I pop in my mouth making lunches.

I used 35 lbs for my thrusters.  I wasn't that far from Rxing this so that made me happy.  I might have actually been able to Rx this in hindsight.  So yeah, the thruster portion was not too bad.

SDHP were easily my best exercise and I was able to quickly get through these.

Push ups... on my knees.  Fine.

But OMG you guys, the med ball cleans and wall balls made me want to stab myself to end my misery.  My legs were on fire and my breathing was absolutely out of control.  I grabbed my knees so many times and I just wanted to pretend I'd done more reps than I had.  Cheating, however, only cheats YOURSELF so I pushed through and did them ALL.  Every last stinking one of them and I wanted to die.

I didn't die.  I finished in 25:09 (slower than anyone else who posted their time to the white board... I think there were slower people who didn't post).  I felt weak and like I wanted to explain that my cardio sucks right now, but then I remembered my promise to myself.  I will accept that MY BEST is good enough and today was honestly my best.  25:09, 5:09 or 55:09.  It doesn't really matter as long as I tried my best-- and I did.

P.S.  Did I mention this was at 5:30 am?  No?  Well it was.  *pats self on back*


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