Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I'm a Runner XIV

Susan Tirch
Founder/Creator Tirch Children  
38, Pennsylvania 

I used to be... well, I'll be honest, I don't remember who I used to be before I became a runner.  I started really running in 2009 and I can't remember my life before it.  It kind of seems like it's been a part of my life forever.

I followed a Hal Higdon training plan for EVERY SINGLE long race I have ever done.  If it ain't broke... Well wait... have you seen my times?  Maybe it is broke.  haha

My first mile of any race is almost always my fastest.  Adrenaline!

I'm skipping Boston this year because... is this a joke?  Um because I could NEVER (as in a million years) qualify.

The Tirch Children (referring to my job... see above) are pretty cute.  I love them.  You should too.

Running is one sport that has a WIDE range of athletes.  If you run a 5:00 mile or a 12:00 mile you're still a runner.  I have a hard time remembering that and sometimes I don't consider myself a "real" runner.  Um what?  I've run 3 full marathons and 10 half marathons.  Who am I if I'm not  a runner? Plus the title of this post says so.  I'm a runner!

I have never listened to an audio book while running, but if I ever have to train for a marathon alone, I'm finding the longest audio book available.

When I want high powered nutrition.... Wait what?  Ok fine, the healthiest thing I "eat" is Almond milk with fruit and protein powder.  Filling and delicious, but I do like to chew my hamburgers food.

I lost my phone once while running.  It was BRAND NEW and I was a very sad Susan.  I even wrote a blog post about it.

Running bonds people.  If you're a runner, then you know.  If you're not, then you need to become one because the bond you form is unique and awesome.  Until then be jealous.

Being a mom is challenging.  Running is challenging at times (most times), but the reward and feeling in the end is worth it.  Being both (a mother and a runner) makes my world a happier place.

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Ima Mosier said...

Love these. The Boston one made me laugh.

robringer said...

you are too funny. and I agree with every statement.

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