Thursday, April 11, 2013

Inaugural Bike Ride 2013

Today was my first outside bike ride of the year.  I honestly can't even remember the last time I rode my bike.  Well actually, I just looked it up and it was August.  OMG no wonder today was so hard.  Also Texas hills are not equal to Pennsylvania hills.  Period! 

About the hills.  Yeah I'm scared on hills.  After my crash (where I broke my shoulder and my wrist, in case you didn't know) I've had a fear of the downhill.  I somewhat conquered my fear last year by riding the biggest hill I could find in Texas.  It was VERY STEEP and I went down it going 3 mph.  Seriously!  I felt so much better after I got that first big downhill out of my system.  

Today, however, the fear seemed to creep back in.  I don't know if it had to do with the roads being wet and the downhills, but I felt very timid out there today.  Let's just say my brakes on the downhills didn't help my overall pace.  I'm not worried about it.

Tracey and I rode our old loop.  The loop we've done countless number of times.  There are LOTS of hills and a handful of really good climbs.  I knew they were coming, but I didn't know what it was going to do to my lungs.  Oh my!  On the second big climb I literally had to stop.  My legs felt ok.  I don't want to say they felt fine, but they didn't feel bad.  My breathing, however, is another story.  I was breathing so hard you would have thought I was in a full on sprint.  I had to STOP!  I told Tracey I couldn't do it.  I stopped on the hill I've ridden dozens of times.  Hell, I've conquered hills much worse than that without stopping.  Today, however, I stopped and I waited until my breath was no longer heavily labored and I started out again.  That's all any of us can do.  

As with running, coming back after a LONG sabbatical isn't easy.  Even when I'm in "good" shape the first bike ride of the season isn't easy.  It's crazy to me how easily one can lose their cardio endurance.  I  definitely did a LOT of huffing and puffing.  

Nevertheless, it felt really awesome getting out on my PINK bike.  I really do enjoy cycling despite my fears and my heavy breathing.  

As always a HUGE thanks to Tracey for hanging back with her old, out of shape friend (that's me by the way).  Tracey is always encouraging and sweet and she never complains about my slowness (on the bike or otherwise).  

Tracey and I talked on the bike today, we talked about something I thought I'd share.  If someone asked me right now who I am (when it comes to being a athlete), I'd just have to say--  I'm just a girl trying to be healthy and knowing when I go out, I'm giving it my best.  I'm just a girl, who wants to stop making excuses for being "slow" or tired.  I'm just a girl who is finally learning to accept my best is good enough.  

Total Mileage:  13.0 
Total Time:  1:07 
Average:  11.6 mph 

What would you say if someone asked, "Who are you?"  


Kortni said...

Love your new acceptance of your awesome self! It takes guts to come back from an injury and who knows what else. Embrace you and your bravery! You are a great example to your kiddos!

robringer said...

welcome back!! i need to get out on my bike...its been too long..(aside from trainer rides in the winter I am in the same boat you are)

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