Sunday, April 28, 2013

Saturday Sports Marathon

George was out of town all weekend and I worked on Friday so my mom watched Jack on Friday.  She helped me out tremendously by spending the night at my house because Saturday was a youth sports marathon.  

I got up at 5:45 am in order to be out the door in time for a 7:00 am ice time.  Poor Nicholas.  He was so tired.  

He doesn't like when I help him do his skates either.  I don't normally do a good job, but he didn't complain at all yesterday.  He said I got them tight enough and everything.  I must be getting good (should be after almost 5 years).

Nichola spent nearly 2 hours skating his heart out during a tryout.  I was tired for him.  There's some tough competition.  

Ella had an 8:30 soccer game, which my mom took her to.  I didn't get to snap a pic, but apparently it was pretty cold.  She had another game at 11:00 am (again my mom took her there) and it was nice and warm and sunny by then.  She scored 5 goals over the 2 games.  Of course she did, because I wasn't there.

I took the boys to baseball because this was their very first games ever.  I didn't want to send my mom into the unknown world.  Ella played soccer in the fall so I knew what to expect.

Jack was very serious at his game.  He wore his batting gloves and everything.  There were kids on his team that didn't know which way to run the bases.  One kid even hit the ball and then picked it up himself and ran with it to first base.  Jack just laughed.  He doesn't care as long as he's out there giving it his all.

Nicholas didn't seem nervous for his game and then about 10 minutes before the game started the Coach told him he'd be pitching.  I think we both almost threw up.  I was so nervous the whole time my little buddy was out on the mound.  He did a decent job especially for his first time and only having practiced pitching literally one time!  As usual, I am so proud of Nicholas.

My kids' activity schedules are insane for the next 6 to 7 weeks, but that's what I get for having three kids.  Ha!  I want them ALL to be able to do what they want.  I love that they want to be involved in activities, but it's a lot to manage.  Thank goodness for Granny and thank goodness George is back on duty this weekend.


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