Friday, May 31, 2013

First Day vs Last Day 2013

It is very hard for me to believe that one full school year has gone by here in Pittsburgh.  Being in Texas seems like yesterday, yet feels so far away too.  Hard to explain.  Regardless of that, this school year absolutely FLEW by.  

When Nicholas and Ella were starting school I was so nervous.  I was nervous they wouldn't make friends easily, that kids wouldn't be nice to them, or that school would be too hard or too easy.  Take all the worries... I had them.  

As it turns out, it was all for not because my kids did great transitioning into a new school.  In fact, Nicholas' teacher told me it's the most seamless transition of any kids she's seen in 23 years of teaching. Wow.  That says a LOT about my kiddo.  He's awesome.  hahahaha

Ella loves school and was eager to start at Mars.  She wasn't shy at all and she jumped right in.  

By then end, she STILL loves school and still thrives academically.  I think her lowest grade all year was a 98%.  I realize this is 1st grade, but I'm still proud of her.  Ella thrives socially as well and still emerges a leader among her peers.  She is really into the way she looks and sadly, does want to be like all her friends.  I only say sadly because I don't want her to fall into a mold.  I want her to be her true self.  

Nicholas is easy.  He hated school then...

... and he hates school now.  Oh how that boy frustrates me when it comes to school.  Nicholas is extremely intelligent, but has no desire to give anything any effort.  He does the minimum he can to get by and that gets him all A's.  What can I say about that?  The reason I want him to try hard now is because things will inevitably not always be this easy and he needs to prepare himself to work hard.  I push him when I can, but I hope it's something he develops himself.  Either way, I'm proud of Nicholas and his continued academic success.

I went from a 1st and a 4th grader.

To a 5th and 2nd grader in the blink of an eye.  Someone tell him how this happened?

Then there is Jack.  Oh sweet Jack.  He is so shy when he first meets someone, so the beginning of the school year, he was a little timid.

But by the end he had learned so, so much.  I can't say enough about his pre-k teacher and her approach to learning.  I feel like Jack learned the essentials he needed to move along to Kindergarten, but he learned so much more.  He still pulls out little tidbits of information I know he could only have learned from his teacher.

 I'm so proud of each and every one of my kids and the little people that they are.  I know watching them grow and thrive is my job as a parent, but it's so hard to see them growing up.  This coming school year, my kids will all be in school, but I'm so thankful Jack will still be half day.  One more year of holding on to at least one of my babies.  We won't think anywhere beyond that.

And for now we're just going to think.... SUMMER!!!!


Kortni said...

I feel the same way. I will have a 2nd and 5th next Thursday. Yikes! Cute pictures as always!

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