Sunday, May 19, 2013

Food and Fun

Let's see where did I leave off?  Oh yes, Friday night.  Friday we decided to go to the Dubliner Irish Pub for dinner.  Jami is a super smarty and she bought us several groupons to use during our stay.  The Dubliner was one of them.  

When we got there they said we COULD use our groupon WITH happy hour and for alcohol.  What?  Where the hell are we?  This made Jami (and me) VERY, VERY happy.

So we ordered a bunch of $2 sliders to split (corn beef, roast beef, brisket and fish) and some homemade mac n cheese.  ALL of it was so, so good. I highly recommend the Dubliner.

Our next mission was to find somewhere we could have a few drinks and watch the Penguins game.  We had scoped out a place a short walk from our place the night before.  Jami said we were NOT staying for the whole game.

But you know, SHE got to drinking and she let me stay until the end.

She even posed for a pic.

And then I got eaten by a shark.

We woke up Saturday and walked a few block to get a Starbucks.  I love living in a community where you can walk to everything and drawbridges are your biggest "problem". 

The rest of the day was spent at the rooftop pool.  It started off nice, but quickly turned cloudy and VERY windy.

It was ok though because it kept me from overdoing it in the sun (which I have a tendency to do).

Later that evening we went out to Rice and Dough, which was an italian/sushi place.  Interesting combination, but again, we had a groupon.

The salad we started with was AMAZING. So so good.  It could have used a small blue cheese crumble and that would have made it a perfect 10.  As it, it was a solid 9.  If you don't know me, a salad is VERY important to my meal.  I love a good salad.

We ordered a margherita pizza and chicken parm to share.  The pizza had wonderfully melted mozzarella and fresh basil.  It was very good.  The chicken parm was not only not good, but bad.  We both took one bite and left the rest.  We expected the manager (who stopped by our table) or the waitress to ask us what was the matter, but they never did.  We felt bad complaining since we were eating on a groupon.  The bad chicken didn't sour our experience, however, overall it was still REALLY good pizza and we had plenty left over to take home.

Then I sat in a big crooked chair.

The end!


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