Friday, May 17, 2013

I've Escaped (to Ft Lauderdale)

I'm vacationing with my friend Jami (remember the one I lived with while our house was being built?) in Ft. Lauderdale.  Her parents have a condo and we're living the high life.

We arrived last evening and decided to take a stroll to get some dinner.  The views were horrible.

That's NOT my boat (in case you wondered)
We wound up hitting the sack a little early (10 pm) because I was super tired, but that meant I was ready to go bright and early this morning.

Our Condo 
 I was in search of COFFEE!  Again, the weather and the views were amazing.

After I was fed and caffeinated we decided to go for a jog.  We went just down the street to a local neighborhood.  I could probably afford to rent one of the porta potties left out for the workers.  Maybe. I didn't take any pictures of the houses because that would be awkward, but these are some of the views.

Rough place to live

Anyway, we wound up running just short of 3 miles because we didn't plan our run quite right and neither one of us really cared.  2.75 miles on vacation is good enough.

Looking large next to Jami! 

After our jog we headed up to the rooftop pool for a little R&R and to soak up the rays.

I have to say, it's been rough so far, but I think I can hold on and do this for 2 more days.  Wish me luck!


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