Monday, May 20, 2013

Last Day in Ft Lauderdale

Yesterday was my last day in Ft Lauderdale.  Jami promised me she'd take me to the beach since I didn't get to go to the beach the last time I was with her in Ft Lauderdale.  

I remember Ft Lauderdale as a big party spring break spot way back in the day, so I wondered what the beach would be like.

Things were relatively quiet and relaxing.

Don't get me wrong, there are high rise hotels along the beach so there are plenty of people, but you're not right on top of one another and I loved the people watching.

We went for a longish walk along the beach and called it a day after about 2.5 hours.  Jami is good for my skin.  She doesn't want to overdo it, so I wind up being good too.  It was a good thing it only lasted that long because, as always, the sun I'd gotten came out a little later and it was PLENTY (even with SPF 50 in most places).

I really liked Ft Lauderdale beach.  I think it's a good mix of people to keep you entertained without being overly crowded and congested.  I'd definitely go back.  Oh and the water was much clearer than other Atlantic coastlines I have seen.  You could actually see to the bottom in many spots.

Later on that evening Jami and I loaded up our red Solo cups and set out for the water taxi.  I was hungry when we left, but Jami assured me the water taxi ride would be about a half hour long.  I could definitely wait that long to eat.  

The water taxi was awesome, but didn't do much for the self esteem.  Here are a few pics of the houses along our route.

I don't know how these people are getting by!  Ha!  Their yachts cost more than my house.  No lie.

So yes, the scenery was pretty incredible and I enjoyed the water taxi ride.

All TWO HOURS of it.  Ok, ok it was an hour and 45 minutes, but clearly NOT the half hour Jami promised.  I almost ate my arm as an appetizer.

Nonetheless we made it to our destination for dinner and enjoyed the rest of our evening before taking a LAND taxi (10 minutes) home.

Jami and I spent a good amount of time relaxing (isn't that what vacation is all about?) and I enjoyed it so much.  It's nice to get away and live it up every once in awhile.   I'm glad to have spent the time with one of my BFF and hope she'll invite me back again.  Hint hint!  

NOT from last night.  


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