Monday, June 24, 2013

A Long Time Coming

 This my friends is a picture of a girl who just peed her pants.

Yes a GROWN woman who peed her pants while exercising.  Blow it up, zoom in, whatever you want.  That's not sweat, it's pee and is there for you (and everyone else that day) to see.  This happens all the time actually.  When I jump rope, when I run, when I jump, when I sneeze, when I cough, when... well you get the picture.  

As of Wednesday this will no longer be happening to me.  Wednesday I'm having surgery to repair my bladder and I can not wait.  I'm not really concerned about the surgery, but I'm a little nervous for the recovery.  

Once again, I'll be taking an exercise hiatus.  The reason I decided to have the surgery now is because I'm already in a lull anyway with my stupid legs.  I figured now would be as good of a time as any to have it done.  I not allowed to exercise for 6 weeks-- No lifting, no submerging myself in water (i.e. swimming), no nothing.  

I'm scared to take another long break, but this is something that I NEED to do.  Everyone said I should wait for the end of summer, but I feel like I've been waiting for so long already.  There would never be a perfect time if I kept waiting for it.  

So while not being able to swim with my kids and not exercising all summer is really going to suck, I think this is going to be a great thing for me.  I can't wait to no longer have to cross my legs just to sneeze.  

Wish me luck!  


Ima Mosier said...

Good luck!

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