Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ella's Dance Recital 2013

If you're my personal friend on Facebook, then you've already seen all these pics and I apologize.  Just here to document and remember.

This is Ella's 5th dance recital and the first time she's performed in more than 1 number at a recital.  This time she did Ballet, Tap and Jazz.

First up ballet.  Ella's number was "Cinderella".

To me, Ella looks like the perfectly beautiful ballerina.  She just naturally looks the part.

She's graceful and elegant and she looks beautiful dancing.

She had a small solo in this dance (of course I knew about it ahead of time) and as she stepped to the side to prepare I got teary eyed.

By the time she finished her 15 second solo, I was full on crying.  She just made me so proud.  I know it's a small moment, but it's a moment I will cherish.

I love this little ballerina.

For as much grace and elegance as Ella has, she has just as much sass.

When it come to tap (this number was "Grease Lightening") Ella was all about the "sassy faces".  I'm not sure why she calls it that.  Maybe that's what her instructor calls it.  Regardless, it's her term for her animated dance face and they were pretty epic.

She was front and center for this dance and she worked it the whole time.

Ella's tap came a LONG way from last year (that's party due to the studio she dances with here in Pittsburgh) and I can't wait to see her improve further next year. 

I really loved watching Ella tap.

My favorite number, however, was her jazz number, "Cuban Pete".

Once again, Ella was all about the "sassy faces" but this time she added some extra funk.

She had no problem giving it a shake...

... or a shimmy, and her personality really shined.  You could really tell how much she loved what she was doing.  She's a little performer.

I was never a dancer as a child, so I'm not sure why I even signed Ella up to do dance in the first place, but I'm so glad I did.  She's a natural. 

I look forward of the years ahead and REALLY hope Ella sticks with it.

Thanks to Granny and PaPa...

Mimi (my sister)....

and my niece Abbey and niece-in-law (haha not yet) Belle for coming.  It meant so, so much to Ella (and to me).  

It was a very special day for my very special lady.  Thanks for letting me share.  


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