Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Father's Day 2013

I'm still working on my vacation posts and here is one from Father's Day.  

It has become the tradition in our family (I'm not sure how) that each kid picks out one special present for Daddy.  It is whatever they want.  I normally take them to TJ Maxx and let them pick whatever they want and this year was no different.  

Jack, however, said he wanted to get Daddy deodorant.  I'm not sure why, but I did manage to talk him out of it.  

Of course they all made Daddy cards, and I know as a mom, this is the best part.

Since I managed to get Jack off the deodorant kick, he got George a Lanyard for his work name badge that looks like hockey skate laces.

He also got him steak and poultry mini meat thermometers.

Ella always gets George underwear.  I'm not sure why, but it's the trend.

This year, however, she bucked the system and bought him a dress shirt for work. She knew right away that's what she wanted to get and luckily we found one in his size at TJs.

Nicholas wasn't having any parts of TJ Maxx, however, he had something else in mind.

He wanted to get George a new hockey stick.  Apparently George's was, in true George fashion, the cheapest one available and weighed 500 pounds.

So I took Nicholas to Total Hockey and we got a 2012 model $200 stick for just over $100.   He was so happy to give his dad a nice new fancy stick.  We didn't take that on vacation though because it wouldn't fit in the car without George seeing it.  We gave it to him ahead of time and he was VERY happy with Nicholas' pick.

Since Nicholas didn't have anything to give George on the actual day, I let him give George my gift.  This lovely turkey track Under Armour shirt that George wanted.  Oh the things you do for love.  Why must he be such a country man?

Later on that day we got fresh shrimp and crab legs from a local seafood market and made a surf and turf dinner for George and my step-dad.  We also had hoho cake and donuts that day too.

I hope George enjoyed his special day, I know he liked the fact that we wasn't responsible for any sunscreen that day, as father's/mother's day is your official day to take off in our house.  Funny how that works.  On a day celebrating how great of a dad you are, you get to sit around and do nothing.  Ha!


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