Sunday, June 9, 2013

I'm a Runner XXVI: Boston Marathon Edition

I had this post pre written because I knew I'd be exhausted this weekend after riding the MS 150. I'll be blogging about our MS adventure tomorrow.  Now I need to SLEEP!!! 

Susan Tirch
NOT an olympic champion (in case there was any confusion) 
38, Pennsylvania 

I was excited to "hear" all about everyone's experience at the Boston Marathon.  A lot of the bloggers I read were running Boston and I was excited to read their recaps.

I heard about the bomb going off from Facebook of course.  My news feed was blown up with everyone talking about it.  Eventually people started texting me and sending me personal messages to make sure I was ok (or any of my friends).  You people flatter me, thinking I would be there.  Do you read my blog?  haha

I immediately started googling and trying to find out as much information as possible.  I must have watched the now famous video of the bomb going off and the "elderly" man falling to his knees.  It's not something I will forget.

My impulse immediately was to be scared of any aftermath.  Was this all?  Who was it?  What else is to come?  Are future races going to be safe?  Should I still run the Pittsburgh Half Marathon?

I'm proud of the running community and the number of communities across the country that held runs to rally around the victims and raise money.  It never ceases to amaze me the type of community that the running community is.  We really band together.

I decided almost right away that ditching Pittsburgh wasn't an option.  I WOULD run and I would run in honor of those who couldn't.

When I saw Martin Richard's picture, it absolutely broke my heart.  That was WAY too close to home.  I felt like it was my own son looking back at me.  His face almost haunts me and I continually think of his family.

For two or three days I'm sure it was in the forefront of everyone's mind, but then most of us go back to "business as usual".  I find myself often thinking of victims (of this and other tragedies) long after the event and wonder if someone is still rallying around them.

I don't know why but I often find myself wondering about the people who plan these acts of terrorism.  I wonder what is wrong with them and what caused them to be the way they are.  How'd you like to be his mother?

You didn't have to be in Boston to understand the shock and empathize with the community.  If you've ever run a race, you could EASILY put yourself and your family at that finish line.

My first run after Boston wasn't memorable, but the run I did for Boston was VERY memorable.  It taught my daughter a valuable lesson.

I'll probably never run at the Boston Marathon.  I say probably never because one can never say never.  As in you NEVER know they may change the rules and let all the scrubs run one day.

What underlay the attack-- well we may never know.  The only thing we can trust in is our faith and the only thing we can control is our OWN actions.  Life is too short not to cherish the ones you love AND remember to show them.


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