Thursday, June 27, 2013

Outer Banks: Day One and Day Two

So we got to the Outer Banks on Friday night and stayed in a hotel until we could get early check in to our house at 1pm on Saturday.  Saturday morning we grocery shopped and went to Walmart to get all the things we needed for the week.  We arrived at our house just in time to be able to get in.  

By 1:30 everything was unpacked and we were at the pool.  I figured we only had a couple of hours so we'd just stay at the pool the first day.  

The kids got right into it and started having a water battle with George.  The water was REALLY cold the first day as the heater wasn't turned on.  I think the temperature was 74 degrees.

So they had fun soaking their daddy and making him cold.

Needless to say, George found the heater after that and set it to 87, which was really nice until the last day there when it was a billion degrees out.  The water didn't seem refreshing then.  On the day it was 67 outside, however, it felt great.

The kids tired of the pool because they were dying to get to the beach.  I kept saying, "tomorrow, tomorrow" because I didn't want to deal all the sand for just a short period of time.  Then I suddenly came to my senses and realized how long the kids had been waiting to get to the beach and I said, "let's go." I think we spent about an hour the first day and by day two we were headed back for more beach fun.

They were definitely timid in the water as it too was cold.  The mostly got in up to their knees, which was fine by me.  Riptides and the waves scare me a bit.

Mostly though they just had fun running around and playing.

There was a 2 or 3 foot embankment that had been created by a recent storm and the kids liked jumping off and trying to get back up.

It made for good photo ops.  The also built stairs, tunnels, and seats into the embankment and thought that was pretty fun.

By day two we were also building huge sand castles, and burying ourselves in the sand.  

Jack wanted made into a hockey stick.

Nicholas wanted abs and muscle, but somehow wound up looking like a skeleton.  I guess I don't know anything about ab muscles.  haha

And of course Ella wanted to be a mermaid.

The second day (Sunday) was definitely one of our nicest weather days and we got spoiled and tan very quickly.

Stay tuned for he rest of our days as I continue to update.


Kortni said...

I hate sand and the mess it creates, but I love going to the beach...go figure. Great pictures!

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