Friday, June 28, 2013

Outer Banks: Day Three

By day three the kids were in full on beach mode.  They wanted to dig big huge holes in the sand like we had done (and they had seen in pictures) in years past.  

So we got them all shovels and they quickly got to work.

Nicholas and Jack were particularly good at it.

Ella was better at enlisting Daddy's help.  Actually I think George helped with them all, but he did the majority of Ella's.  

They owed a big thanks to dad because that was no easy chore.  

The loved their holes and going back to check on them every day and dig them out some more.  

After all that digging everyone sat down to take a rest, so I took the opportunity to get a family pic...

... or two.

But it wasn't long and the kids were back up playing again.  Football this time.

Ella was in on the action, but I think Jack was still in his hole.

We all know Nicholas was right there.

George kept throwing the balls so he'd have to land in the water.  Such a mean old daddy!

After awhile, Ella gave up on the football and started just giving me random modeling poses (as she said).  I didn't mind.

I'd take pictures of that face all day long!

Still more to come in our Outer Banks adventure.  Stop back tomorrow!


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