Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Bucket List: Make S'mores

Guess What?  We were able to check another item off our Summer Bucket List.  Aren't you excited?  It was kinda by accident, when we found a fire pit at our vacation house, we couldn't help but find something to do with it.  What better thing than s'mores.  

So much fun and so good (I personally enjoyed the hot dog better, however).  

Nicholas made a s'more between two chips ahoy (thanks for the idea Mrs. K.).  Anyway, here are the pics.  

The good ole fashion version was enjoyed as well.  

 Mom, Ken and George liked theirs burned to a crisp.  Yuck!

I like mine just barely golden.  Yum!

Rest assured, we are having a GREAT time at the beach.  I'm really soaking it all in and trying to totally RELAX!!


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