Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Bucket List: Sidewalk Chalk The Whole Driveway

Guess What?  We were able to check another item off our Summer Bucket List.  Maybe I'm just gung-ho, but keeping our items simple has made it relatively easy to check off some items pretty quickly.  One of our activities was the cover the WHOLE driveway in sidewalk chalk.  While that may have been a little ambitious, we did cover a LOT of the driveway and used a LOT of chalk.  Enjoy pics from this summer activity.

Of course we covered all our sports.

Penn State


Pirates (yes we love them even though they stink)

Old School Pens (cuz I couldn't draw their new logo. Ha!)

We then decided to create our on Consol Energy Center (where the Penguins play hockey).  

Complete with goalie

And all the sponsors

I'm pretty proud of that Stanley Cup Playoffs logo, but I ran out of black and you can't see the cup.  Look at the top.  I wouldn't want you to miss it.

Ella and Jack made some sports creations too.  I love the way Jack spelled Pittsburgh.

At lest Ella attempted the new logo.  Nice Penguin!

Jack created his own baseball diamond and stood on the pitcher's mound and "played".

And Ella and I created a "funky color" house.  Most of the flowers are by Ella.  I just love them.

Of course we couldn't go without a few self portraits.  I guess you can decipher who is who (whom?).

Like I said, we didn't cover ALL of the driveway, but we did cover a big portion.  It was something fun to do and kept us outside for quite awhile on this beautiful day.

The thing that makes me happy is I totally disconnected for this event.  Yes I took pictures, but my phone was nowhere in sight.  No Facebook, no nothing.  Just the kids and myself having good ole fun for almost 3 hours.

This Summer Bucket List thing is fun!


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