Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekly Workout Windup

For those of you who are not fans? followers? likers? on Facebook or dailymile, then you might think I don't workout anymore.  I totally understand as I haven't talked a lot about runs, rides, CrossFit or swims on here lately.  Mainly because I think y'all will find it boring.   I mean how many times can you hear I ran, it was slow, I hated it (see also:  I rode, it was slow, I hated it or I swam, it was slow, I hated it)?  And I read a lot of blogs and I too get bored hearing about someone else's CrossFit workout (and I know the lingo).

So I was thinking on Monday I'd do a weekly recap of my workouts.  If you're interested to know what I'm doing then you can read and follow along.  If not, well then just move along.


Run with Tracey and Charlene (I did blog about this a little).
5 miles in 56 minutes 11:16 pace


CrossFit Partner WOD (Workout of the Day).  Tracey was my partner you go, then your partner goes, then you go again, then your partner goes again.  This workout was in honor of memorial day and was called the 21 Gun Salute.

 21 pullups

21 Burpee Boxjumps

21 fireman's Carry Back Squats (I used a sand bag.  Tracey used me).

21 burpee box jumps again
21 more pullups



Skill:  Max Effort Back Squats:  2,2,2,1,1 (those are the number of reps) 75 lbs, 85, 95, 105, 105

WOD:  100 ft walking lunges
              50 push ups 
              50 DU (double unders with the jump rope, meaning the rope passes under twice in one jump)       I do singles 
              25 Knees to Elbows 
              25 Dips 
              50 Box Jumps 20 inch 
              25 L Pull ups (I did regular assisted with the band) 
              50 Abmat sit ups


Cycling.  The ride from hell.  The hilliest ride I have ever encountered in my whole life.  
19.77 miles in 1:40.  11.9 mph average. 

Thursday:  REST 



Skill:  Dynamic Effort (just NOT your max)  85% of 1 RM (rep max) 5,5,5,5.  I did 65 pounds


Run 1600 m
50 wall balls (12 lb ball)
Run 800 m
35 wall balls
Run 400 m
20 wall balls

This was KILLER!


Cycling:  23.8 miles in 1:56 minutes.  12.3 mph average.


Run:  6 miles in 1:05 minutes.  10:50 average pace.

Didn't get a pic of Sunday so you get this pic I snapped of my double chin.  You're welcome!  
So there's the weekly workout windup.  Hope you enjoy!

Feel free leave me some comment love if you have questions or if you want to see more/less workout related posts.


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