Monday, July 1, 2013

Bah-bye Google Reader, Hello BlogLovin'

Ok this is just a little blurb about the closing down of Google Reader.  I knew it was coming for a LONG time, but I think I was in denial.  I even asked George last night, "why, why would they do this."  

For those of you that click over to this blog from another source then you can just disregard this post, but for those of you that are reading in Google Reader, today will be your last day to use Google Reader.  Most of you have probably heard of BlogLovin' by now and they make it really easy to convert your Google Reader.  

I just thought it would be easy if I created a link that would make it easy for you to convert and follow me over at BlogLovin'.  So click here and hit the follow button and you'll be all set. 

RIP Google Reader, your life ended way too soon, but we had a good run!  


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