Thursday, July 25, 2013

Deck of Death Comeback

So the summer has absolutely been FLYING by.  I wanted to say literally flying by just to irritate you.  For everyone reading this, although I know YOU'RE much smarter and don't need an explanation, if you say LITERALLY that means it REALLY happened.  So for the summer to literally be flying by you'd have to see summer outside your airplane window.  Please don't ever say you literally died.  Just don't do it.  Ok sorry, don't know where that rant just came from.  

Anyway, summer, yes it has been flying by and I feel like I have done so little with my kids despite always being busy.  I feel guilty taking them to the gym.  I know I shouldn't feel guilty really, but let's face it summer is time for the kids, it's not really mom time.  So as I thought about what I wanted to do for a workout today and I thought about going to the gym, I wasn't really feeling it.  I didn't feel like being inside (Pittsburgh is having phenomenal weather right now, unseasonably cool and sunny) and I didn't want to drag the kids to the gym.  

Hmmmm, I thought to myself, what am I going to do for a workout then.  I could get up early and go run.... nope don't really feel like that.  I just ran yesterday and with easing back into things, I don't want to push it.  That's when it hit me.  THE DECK OF DEATH.  We've talked about it here before, but it's totally worth revisiting.  

What you'll need:  

A deck of cards
A mat or towel (optional)
I used a jump rope for this workout but it's not necessary as you can use whatever exercises you want 

Designate one "move" for each suit in the deck.  I chose hearts as push-ups, diamonds as burpees, spades as Double Unders (when the rope passes under your feet two times with each jump) and clubs as Air Squats. 

Draw your first card and perform the move (based on the suit) and the rep (based on the number).  Aces = 15 and face cards = 10.   For instance if you draw a 9 of diamonds, you do 9 burpees.

If you draw the Queen of hearts you do 10 push-ups.  I do all push-ups on my knees and go chest to floor.  I try (TRY) to do tricep push-ups (where you keep your elbows hugged in tight and the elbows go straight back) but I suck at life and they're so hard.

I still haven't mastered my double under.  Double unders are so hard.

The good news is I did get a few and the even better news is, I didn't pee my pants jumping rope!

Winning!  If you can only do single jumps, then triple whatever was on the card you drew.  So if you draw a 8, you do 24 or 10 you do 30. Get it?

In case anyone doesn't know what an air squat is, it's just a squat in the air.  Haha.  You start off standing with your feet hip width apart and your toes turned slightly outward.

Then you squat.  

Oh no that is NOT a squat you better get lower than that!  Below hip crease it what counts.  

That is a squat my friend!

You keep turning over cards until you have done the WHOLE deck.  ALL 52 cards.  You get such a good mix of all the exercises and by the end you will have done 100 or each exercise.  100 push-ups, 100 burpees!!!!, 100 double unders (or 300 singles) and 100 air squats.  That's a no joke workout.  I literally sweat my ass off.  Ha! I wish!  

The workout took me just about 40 minutes.  That's because I'm fat and out of shape.  I know it's not nice to say about myself, but it's just the truth.  That's why I'm doing this.  To get better and be less fat.  Literally!


robringer said...

I LITERALLY just read this. I should do this workout...i need a change of pace.

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