Monday, July 8, 2013

I'm a Runner XXVII

Susan Tirch
Not even that good at Putt-Putt 
38, Pennsylvania 

I was diagnosed with a sprained hamstring back in December.  I'm still not sure that it was the correct "diagnosis".  Ok, I'll concede that I had a sprained hamstring, but I'm not sure it was the true source of all my problems.

Back then, or at least leading up until then, I was training for a marathon and had just started doing CrossFit.  I was working out most weeks 6 days per week and I think it eventually caught up to me.  FOR ME, it was just too much.  That was an important lesson learned.

Overcoming injury is so very frustrating to me.  I just want to will my body to be healthy, but it's not that simple.  It does, however, make me appreciate my body so much more.  I try to focus more on what it CAN do rather than what it CAN'T do.

The best running advice I ever got was to find a friend to run with.  My running friends have become so much more than running friends and I cherish each and every relationship running created for me.

My favorite run was through central park when I was there in 2012 to watch my friends Tim and Bianca.  We went out for a short run before their big marathon day and it just felt so surreal.  I couldn't believe I was running in New York City, in Central Park.  It was amazing and a run I'll never forget.

I'm not strict about eating right or exercising.  I like to do both, but if I'm unable to for whatever reason, I don't stress about it (too much).  I think a healthy lifestyle is all about balance and am really trying to embrace the word moderation.

Long runs are my favorite runs of the week.  They're not necessarily the favorite WHILE I'm doing it, but they always make me feel so accomplished.   There's nothing like running double digits especially when it's for "no reason" (i.e. I'm not training for anything).

Running is a mental game almost as much as it is a physical game.  If you think you can, you can and vice versa.  Also if you get caught up in thinking about how hard running is, or how hot it is, or how many hills there are then you'll soon find yourself spiraling down the "crappy" run road of doom.


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