Thursday, July 11, 2013

June Photostream

Here's my photo dump from June:

Ella ended another soccer season and said goodbye to most of her teammates that are movin' on up 

I made my porch pretty 

Nicholas and I sweating our butts off at the pool

His and hers awesome bikes 

My never ending life at the ice rink 

National Donut Day 

Lady Bucs with Tracey and Amy 

PNC Park 

My favorite drink right now. So summery and refreshing 

The inappropriate shirt I bought at OBX CrossFit, it's the only women's fit they had.  Can I wear this to carpool? 



Ella's beach souvenirs 

Awesome pic I took in middle of nowhere Ohio.  This was taken from a moving vehicle.

Jen and I at George's BFF's wedding 

Again.. Diva 


Monter's University 


Feelin' 22 

Kids' feast 

Jack acting like his cousin Drew, wearing his glasses funny 
That's it, a pretty exciting June!


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