Monday, July 22, 2013

Luke Bryan Concert VIPs

I mentioned that I traveled to Indianapolis this weekend to visit my family (my dad, one sister and brother live there) and to go to the Luke Bryan concert.  My other sister (Amy from Pittsburgh) is a HUGE Luke Bryan fan, like it's unnatural how much she loves him.  She hooked us up via the fan club (I told you it was unnatural) with VIP tickets.  That meant we got to eat some food and Luke sang 6 songs to our small group.

I can't even tell you how much fun we all had and it will be hard to articulate, but trust me there were so many shenanigans and LOTS of fun.

We all met at my sister's dad's house (Think about that and let me know if you need an explanation.) since he lives closer to the venue and we needed to ride in two cars.  Here's the line up.

Emily (niece), Moi, Sara (sister), Amy (sister in law), Amy (sister), Genna (niece), Abbey (niece), Belle (nephew's girlfriend and also my adopted daughter for the day)

Here's the girls with boots line up.

Me, Amy, Genna and Abbey
We arrived at the venue at around 3:45 and started tail gaiting.  I was driving so I decided 2 drinks would be my limit.  We all started quickly consuming the beverages we brought.  

Remember the size of that can later.  That's all I'm saying. 

Of course I had my camera and made all the mother daughters take a pic.

I quickly realized I didn't have a teenager so I adopted Belle for the day.  She was probably embarrassed of her old mamma!  

We (as in the older adults) didn't tailgate that long as we all had VIP status.   Did I mention that?  Yeah, that's how we roll.  Ok fine, all that got us was an autographed poster, a tote bag, a few pieces of carrots with ranch oh and those 6 songs sung before the concert. 

My sister said I could post this pic even though her eyes are closed b/c her leg looks skinny.  I like how she thinks! 

The VIP tent in and of itself was pretty lame, but we made our fun while we waited for Luke to come on.  The girls bought a few more drinks so the fun was really starting to kick in.

BIG ASS Rita's (3X the normal size).  I want these for home

When Luke finally did come on, it was so worth it.  I felt like I could have reached out and touched him and it was VERY cool to be so close and intimate.

Some of us also tried on random stranger's hats.

I drank a little bit of the ritas in the tent, but after the VIP event was over, I cut myself off and got myself a designated driver bracelet.  No more drinking for me.

Clearly Amy wasn't driving.  Ha! 
We had such an awesome time at the concert and Luke was REALLY close.  Amy was quite pleased!  

Sara and I often got yelled at and threatened if we sat down.

My biggest thrill of the night came when Willie Robertson (from Duck Dynasty) joined Luke on stage. I was so damn excited.  Now I FINALLY realized what Amy had been experiencing all day.  Ha!

I think we left the parking lot shortly before midnight.  It was a long and exhausting day, but totally worth it.  Let's do it again next year ladies!  


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