Sunday, July 28, 2013

Quick Weekend Trip

We spent the weekend at George's parents house... in the country.  George, Ella and I rode out on the four wheeler to pick wild blackberries.

Not proper foot attire.... I know

Ella was extremely pleased!

Our visit had a dual purpose (visit George's family and see my good friend Jen's daughter get baptized).   Nicholas was so NOT pleased to be wearing these clothes, but I think he looks so incredibly cute.  I.CAN.NOT.STAND.IT.  It was also a TOTAL coincidence that the kids matched.

Ella is so in love with Ruth!  She cried tonight and told me how much she loves her and how she already misses her.  I managed to calm her down, but she had another meltdown at bedtime.  I told her to draw Ruth a picture every time she misses her.  I think they'll be a LOT of pictures in Ruth's future.

 Country living takes it out of you, my kids were so exhausted on the car ride home.

Always the sign of a successful weekend!


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