Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer Bucket List: Boating

I can't believe it took until the middle of July, but we finally took our boat out today.  We have had something to do every weekend and we FINALLY had our chance today and what a beautiful day it was.  Another Summer Bucket List item checked off (but that's not really fair because we would have done that even without a bucket list and will hopefully do it again.  I like to check things off, so it's on the list).

I think Ella looks photoshopped into this picture.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day. It was mostly sunny, but the clouds that were in the sky where the huge white fluffy ones.  It was so pretty and HOT.

We sat on the sun deck of the boat and had our lunch.  Clearly Jack enjoyed it.

As did the captain.

And clearly Nicholas has a mouth full of food.

After lunch we swam in a little cove for a bit.  It was really hot and toasty with the sun beating down.  I'm still not allowed to get in the water due to my surgery (I'll update you on that soon promise).

I wanted to be jumping off the deck to cool off.

But I had to leave that to the kiddos.

They definitely had fun, but quickly decided they wanted to go wake boarding.  Nicholas was afraid that he wouldn't remember how to wake board (it's been a year), but I assured him it was just like riding a bike.

It was!  He popped right up and did so well.

Nicholas really does make it look so easy.

I wish I was a good wake boarder because Nicholas is ready to move to the next level, but neither George nor myself have any idea how to teach him.

I wish I had gotten him lessons while we lived in Texas (it was something I was going to do this summer).  Anyone know of a place that does lessons in Pittsburgh?

I took far too many pictures of him, but I just can't help myself.  He looks so sporty and cute.  

After Nicholas, Ella decided she wanted to try.  I REALLY hoped she'd be able to do it.  She was definitely nervous, but willing to try.

The first time she popped right up...

.... but then immediately fell.

She tried again, but instead of getting better.

She got worse.  She tried a couple of more times before she got on her belly and couldn't get the board turned over.  She then panicked and called it quits for the day.

Next up was Jack.  The same was true, he was nervous, but willing to try.  I think Jack thought he'd be able to do it.  He kept repeating Nicholas' tips over and over.

 He pretty much popped up...

but couldn't get himself out of the water.  

And wound up crashing.  

Jack did NOT like crashing and only tried 2 times before he decided he was done.  I'm just glad he and Ella both tried it.  I don't care that they didn't get it.  I know eventually they will.

One thing EVERYONE can do is tube.  This is the first year for a tube for us, but they've been tubing with my sister before.  They were so excited to have a tube of their own.  When we first started out George didn't give it enough gas (learning curve) and the boys sunk.  Jack was pissed and wasn't having any more of it.  He got off... IMMEDIATELY.

 Nicholas and Ella went together.

Jack rested a little.

Eventually we made Jack get back on the horse.

But he just refused to have too much fun.

So we went back to just Nicholas and Ella where Nicholas showed off his dance moves.

And then took a nap.

We stopped for another swim before calling it quits for the day (we were on the water for nearly 5 hours).  

I'm so happy we found a lake in the area that we enjoy.  I was beginning to think we wouldn't get much use out of the boat here in PA, but now I'm hopeful we will use it more and more now that we've found a great spot.

I also REALLY want to take our boat downtown Pittsburgh sometime this summer.  It's on MY summer bucket list.  I hope that's one I can cross off by summer's end.


robringer said...

Can Nicholas teach me to wake board! I can teach him how to snowboard!

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