Monday, July 15, 2013

Surgery Update 3

Once again I'd like to make a disclaimer that all the information in this post is of "personal" nature and if you're not in to reading about my pee problems then move along and come back another day.  Thanks.

So I went back to the doctor on Friday.

I was fully expecting her to tell me I'd be having surgery this week as I am still unable to pee on my own.  The next surgery would be her going in through the same incision and cutting the mesh in half.  This loosens the mesh and will allow me to pee on my own, BUT (and this is a HUGE but) may not prevent me from leaking (my original problem).

I've made a tiny amount of progress in the peeing department, however, so she wasn't too quick to go down the surgery road.  You see I discovered I can pee standing up.  Don't ask how this happens.  Ok fine, I'll tell you.  Every time I'd go to catheterize myself I'd sit down first to see if I could pee on my own (I couldn't) so I'd stand up to get all my supplies together.  Well things starting working when I'd do that so I experimented and found I can pee standing.  It's quite interesting and I can't even believe I'm sharing this, but it's true.

I haven't cath myself since Saturday morning and I'm managing to pee on my own albeit standing up.  Because I'm able to do that she wants to hold off on surgery for one more week.  I have surgery scheduled for July 24th, but the hope is it will be resolved by then and we can cancel the surgery.

At first I was disappointed because I am so sick of catheterizing myself every time I have to use the restroom and I'm tired of limiting my fluid intakes (self imposed).  I'm just sick of everything and want to be normal.  I think she saw the disappointment on my face so she explained.  She said that a week or 2 more of suffering might be worth a lifetime of no leakage.

Well when she put it that way, how could I disagree.  I really hope that I'm able to fix this on my own and able to pee again like a normal siting lady.  Until then, I hope no one asks me if I'm in the wrong restroom when they hear me peeing standing up.

Hey, you gotta laugh.  What else can I do?


Rain Gowens said...

Interesting you got this surgery. I have considered it myself but was told that it's not always a 100% fix. Will be following to see how it goes for you.

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