Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Surgery Update IV

I look really good in a hospital gown. 

I do well with hours of not being able to eat before surgery.

I love IVs and anesthesia nausea and vomitting.

But I've decided there will be no more (cross your fingers) pics of me in hospital gowns.   I'm NOT having surgery tomorrow.  My surgery was cancelled!

You see, I haven't had to catheterize myself in over a week.  I'm still not peeing normally (I'm mostly still standing), but things are improving and that was enough for my doctor to say NOT to have the surgery.  In fact, I've peed sitting all day long.  I feel so stupid talking about my pee problems, but hey it's real life.

So there you have it.  No surgery and hopes for continued improvement.  AND, AND, AND it's been 4 weeks since my original surgery (can you believe that?) and that means I can start working out again.

I'm kinda scared to get back to things because I have no idea what I can do and if I'll mess up the mesh lifting or riding my bike.  I'm going to let my body be my guide and do what feels right and comfortable.  I am NOT going to push things.

Plus, my legs (you know my stupid legs) STILL don't feel right and if that means I can't run then I'm not going to run.  I don't want to admit defeat, but I also don't want to run and feel miserable.  I know that much!

But, I'm back people and I'm ready to get after it!


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