Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I'm a Runner XXIX

Susan Tirch
Backseat Driver 
38, Mars, Pennsylvania 

In running you'd think you need strong legs, but I think you need a strong heart and a strong mind.  I really believe running is a HUGE mental game.  My mind gets me through a lot of tough runs.

I did my first sprint triathlon in 2009.  It was the Pittsburgh Triathlon and Adventure Race and I was very proud of swimming in the Allegheny River.  It was probably the most terrifying thing I have ever done.  Talk about feeling like a small fish.

I've always been a determined person who gives 100% to anything I do.  I don't believe in doing things half assed.  That's why I always sign up for races.  I know I'll give my training 100% if I'm working toward a goal of running a race.  It keeps me accountable.

The Cleveland Rock and Roll Half  better be scenic.  I ran Rock n Roll Dallas and was so disappointed by the course.  I wanted to SEE Dallas and all I saw was suburbs.  I hope the Cleveland course at least takes us through some interesting areas.

Some people don't understand runners and I get it, I really do.  I used to think runners were crazy people too.  I swear I want to convert every person I meet to a runner, because it's something ANYONE can do and then you can be crazy with me!

My mom thinks I'm crazy.  At least I think she does.  I think she's always in mother "protective mode" and she doesn't understand why I have to do things that make me get hurt or injured.  I guess that makes her... well a mom!  haha

When I run I pray I'll enter "the zone".  There's nothing like entering the zone and be running without thinking about running.  Next thing you know you've run 2 miles and don't realize how you got there.

It has been in the low 60s here in the mornings.  I really would take advantage of the cooler temps and get out early and run.  Lately sleep has been trumping early wake-ups.  I feel like I'll get back in the groove when the kids are back in school.  I'm really focused on enjoying summer with my kids and I think I've done a good job of that this year.

I thought I'd run the Steelers Gatorade 5k this year.  How long have I been saying I need to do a 5k?  But, but, but... I don't want to pay to disappoint myself.  I need to get back to good running shape before I do a 5k.  I want a GOOD 5k PR.

I think a lot while I'm running.  Remember the zone?  I also think about my blog posts when I run.  I'll look down at my Garmin and say to myself to make a mental note, "yeah at mile 7.48 it started sucking".  haha

I might plan to do another marathon one day, but it's not in my near future.  I just don't love it.  There, I said it!


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