Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nicholas' 10th Birthday

Yesterday was Nicholas' birthday.  He turned 10.  TEN!!!!  What the what?  How did that happen? Here are the highlights from our family celebration (that occurs first thing in the morning, with everyone still in their jammies).  Yep cake for breakfast!  Best.Mom.Ever! 

Of course Nicholas was excited for his gifts.  I mean he is my child after all.  

Jack made him a fabulous card.

And also got him an Under Armour Lacrosse shirt.....

.... which Nicholas loved (wore it all day).

Ella also made him a card the at said, "You've made it a long way Nicholas."  I just thought that was so cute.  To her, 10 years is a LONG way.

Ella also got Nicholas a shirt.

None other than Duck Dynasty.  "It's on Like Bing Bong Jack."  Oh yes she did.

He put it on right away, but when mention was made of leaving the house, he quickly changed into the Under Armour Shirt.  He is my kid after all.  

His present from Mommy and Daddy was his very first hunting bow.  He's been eyeing it up for quite some time.

Clearly I had nothing to do with picking it out.

But I did make sure dad bought him all the accessories.

He tried it out right away.  Jack almost died.  I kid!

After presents came cake!  

My kids' favorite part (ok present are the favorite) of their birthday is cake for breakfast.  I mean if you can't eat cake for breakfast on your birthday, when can you?

I can only hope all his wishes come true. 

He did manage to blow them all out...

... and with just one blow too.

His cake was decorated with black and gold balloon (for the penguins) and the kids had fun with that.

It doesn't matter if he has black teeth and tongue.  He's still so darn cute.  He is my son after all.  ;)


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