Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nicholas Tubing Party

Friday was Nicholas' birthday "party".  You see he didn't really have a party per se.  He decided to invite 4 friends to go out tubing on our boat (that's all our boat could handle).  As it turned out, only 2 could go the day we chose so it was just Nicholas, Owen, Luke, Jack, George and Myself.  (Ella went to Luke's house to spend the day with his sister).  

We started off the day by having a picnic lunch lakeside.  

Owen, Nicholas and Luke 
And then we got ready to put the boat in the water.  

It was a beautiful day outside.  The sun was shining, but it was rather cool (low 70s).  

The boys really didn't seem to mind though, they weren't cool like I was. 

The added bonus with the cool weather was that we pretty much had the lake to ourselves.  

Nicholas and Luke got right to tubing.  They were brave and wanted to go fast.  

It wasn't long before Luke fell off doing 5 barrel rolls and I almost had a heart attack.  We had been there less than half and hour and I figured our fun was over.  Luke would be crying and I'd have to call his mom.  

Nope!  He was all smiles in the water and ready to go again!  Thank goodness!  

Owen was a little more apprehensive and after seeing Luke's crash I think he was doubly scared of going tubing.  He REALLY did NOT want to go. 

George and I being the "tough love" kind of parents that we are MADE Owen go.  I knew he would have fun if he just tried it, but he was just not willing to give in.  So George lifted him on to the tube and sent him on his way. 

We went slow at first and he was totally fine with that, but called it quits pretty quickly.  We decided to take a break for the tubing and just do a little swimming.  Owen was happy to just sit on the tube.

Luke and Nicholas had fun jumping off the boat.

Everyone was having a great time.

We had to make small stop on the island to let Sidney have a potty break.  Oh yes, Miss Sidney was there and cuter than ever.

During the potty break, the boys had an impromptu dance shesh.  So cute! 

After all the "business" was taken care of, Owen said he wanted to try tubing again and this time we could tell he was feeling brave.

As time went on, George started going faster.

And doing more turns.

And acting crazy.

The boys LOVED it!

Even when things got a little crazy, they were laughing and screaming the whole way.

I swear we tubed for almost an hour straight with only a few times that someone fell off (Nicholas).  I just couldn't believe they weren't exhausted.

Once we did finally stop, Owen decided he was going to be brave and jump off the tube.  Up until this point he hadn't been IN the water.

I was so proud of him when he jumped.

And he wound up jumping off the boat too! 

Next up we decided we would wake board. I decided to go first to show the boys "how it's done".  Ha!

I was so cold, I quickly called it quits.  I didn't want to fall and get my hair wet and be soaked and freezing the rest of the day.  I let go of the rope and waited for my crew to come get me.  

Ok the truth was, Nicholas was going to show his friends how it's done, and that he did.

Luke decided he would give it a try.

And he did really well for a first timer.  He just couldn't get control of the board once he was up.

Looking back at the pictures (now).  I can see all he really had to do was stand up, but when it's happening it's happening so quickly you don't know what's going "wrong".

I was proud of Luke for trying and for how well he did for a first timer.

After spending more than 5 hours on the lake, the party on the lake was over.  We headed back to our house for pizza, cake and a sleepover.

I think everyone had a GREAT day and I couldn't have asked for 2 nicer kids for Nicholas to spend the day with.  It was pretty much a perfect day, for me and hopefully for Nicholas.  


tracey smith said...

Thank you so so much for taking Owen. I can't wait for him to tell me all about it. Awesome pictures!!

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