Saturday, August 3, 2013

Rails to Trails 4-Wheelin

Today we drove to George's hometown (AGAIN) and went 4 wheeling with one of my best friends (Jen) and her hubby (Steve) and George's best friend (Brad) and his wife (Mary).  

Jen, Me, Mary 

Steve and Jen 

Brad, George, Mary 
Just a hop, skip and a jump from George's parents house there is a rails to trails ATV trail.  In case you don't know that means that an old railroad bed was converted into a riding trail.  That means it's flat and a really fun place to ride.  It's also very scenic.

We would ride along for a few miles or so and take in the scenery and then stop and talk and get a drink.

Mid day we stopped and had a packed lunch.  Steve enjoyed his massive hoagie.

As did the beautiful Jennifer (she just had a baby and look at her!!!)

Mary made us all look bad by eating a healthy wrap.

There were so many cool tunnels, but this one was particularly spooky.  It was freezing cold and way too dark.

It reminded of something you'd see in a movie.

Of course I had to get a pic.  

Or two!

I got these sexy boots at Walmart for our 4 wheeling adventure (didn't want to ruin my Hunters).

I wanted to test them out and see if they really were waterproof.  They held up.  A good $20 spent.

Unfortunately, this bridge is closed and riders are no longer allowed to ride across.  You can go across the creek (we saw three people do it), but I wasn't up for going across today and we needed to head back anyway.

I was so happy to spend this day with good friends, especially Jen.  We used to spend so much time together in college and the times we spent together are some of my fondest memories.  When we get back together, I feel like I fade back into old times.

And just because I couldn't go without posting this picture.  My husband.  He has poison sumac all over his legs and is in so much discomfort.  This is his outfit to "air it out".  

Don't be jealous ladies!  


Kortni said...

Oh how I miss PA! Loved the scenery pictures!

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