Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer Bucket List: Homemade Pizza and Root Beer Floats

If you're keeping up with the Summer Bucket List, then you can check a few more things off the list.  My kids have been dying to have Jenna and Owen (two of Tracey's kids) sleep over for weeks now.  We planned the sleepover for tonight and I figured it was a great time to check a couple of items off the Summer Bucket List-- Homemade Pizza and Root Beer floats.  

I made all the crusts for the pizza and provided a simple array of toppings.  

We had buffalo chicken supplies.

And we had "regular" supplies including mini pepperonis, turkey sausage and roasted red and yellow peppers.

I think the kids really enjoyed preparing their own food.

And selecting their own toppings.

There's just something kids like about taking charge of something.

I think it makes them feel important.

Make up by Ella hahaha
 Jenna chose to have just cheese, but I think she had fun making her pizza anyway.

Ella cut her dough in half and made half buffalo,

and half pepperoni.

It turned out to be a great pizza party.  To be honest, however, I think the kids ate more slices of watermelon.  Owen and Nicholas had 4 pieces each.  Growing boys!

I invited a few neighbors over for the root beer floats.

It was kind of a last minute idea to invite the neighbors so only 4 kids came over, but it was still fun for the kids to have a few extra playmates.

Brenna and Emma not pictured

 Who can resist a squirting a little whipped cream into the mouth.  Not this crowd, that's for sure.

Homemade pizzas and root beer floats aren't exactly life bucket list items, but it sure was a fun.  

My kids may never remember all the little moments in their childhood, but I'm trying really hard to creates moments that make them happy right now!

Today, that mission was a total success!  

How's your summer bucket list going?  What's your favorite SIMPLE childhood memory?  
Comment away!  


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