Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dear Ella 2013

My Dearest Ella: 

To my beautiful daughter on your 8th birthday.  It is not the beauty that everyone sees on the outside that I'm speaking of (well it's that too), but rather the beauty you possess on the inside.  Everyone that meets you comments on just how sweet you are.  I hope that you always stay that way.  I never want you to become the "mean girl."  I do think you're learning how to be caring and compassionate to others, while keeping unnecessary/mean comments to yourself. 

With all your sweetness, you still have plenty of sass.  You're a diva for sure.  Not in the true definition I suppose, but in the purse your lips together "ummmmm hmmmmm" kind of way.

Also in the "I must have all the accessories to make me look cool" kind of way.  You really love fashion and all kinds of accessories.  You particularly love jewelry, but you come by that honestly.

My favorite thing about you is your carefree spirit. You just have this sweet, carefree attitude that draws people in.  With your friends, you generally take the leadership role, but you're not overbearing or rude.  You'll compromise easily.

As sweet and carefree as you are, you're also incredibly goofy.  You make strange faces and do goofy dance moves just out of nowhere and you crack yourself up.  I especially love your goofy side because you don't just show that side of yourself to anyone.  You're goofy around those you feel most comfortable around (especially Daddy).

I think I find myself so many times underestimating your abilities.  Well, I guess I should say I used to because I have learned there is nothing you can't do without a little encouragement.  You really are a strong little girl.  I love seeing you try something new or hard and succeeding and being so proud of yourself.  Maybe sometimes you underestimate yourself.

You are also very loving young girl.  You love giving hugs and kisses and will often say... just one more ..... just one more (about 1000 times).

You are extremely sensitive and do not take to having your feelings hurt very kindly.  You also take offense when someone makes fun of someone you care about.  You think it's so mean and often don't find the humor in "teasing".

You are also extremely intelligent and artsy.  I say artsy because I don't have a better term.  You just aren't a normal smart thinker, but are creative and enjoy anything you can make (food, art, music).

Singing, dancing and music are your true loves.  You recently expressed interest in playing the guitar so we bought you your first guitar and you'll be starting lessons soon. I can't wait to see you express yourself and I hope you love it as much as I think you will.

Ella, when I became pregnant with you I was afraid to hope for a girl, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want a daughter.  I'm so thankful God chose me to be YOUR mom.  You are an amazing young lady and I hope that I'm a role model in your life that you can proudly look up to.  I'm doing my best every day to be a positive female in your life:  One not obsessed with looks or things (we like them but we don't NEED them), one comfortable in her own skin, one not afraid to speak her mind or the truth.  One thing is for sure, I'm proud of the girl you are today.  I think you're "perfect" in every way.

I hope you'll continue to grow and be the strong, confident little girl you are today.  I love you with all my heart.   Your smile melts my heart and your spirit always lifts me.  Please always remain my sweet Ella.

I love you dearly,



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