Monday, September 9, 2013

Duck Dynasty Birthday Party and Cake

Jack picked Duck Dynasty as his birthday theme this year.  I have to admit, I was a little excited and just went with the theme.  I used a turkey blind/blanket as the backdrop for all my "fixins".  I then google searched "Duck Dynasty sayings" and then clicked on images and printed my favorite ones.  I tied the sayings and pictures to the blind.  I ordered the Duckaholics Anonymous sign from Amazon.  

For the cake I made two-8 inch round cakes for the bottom and 2-6 inch round cakes for the top.  The bottom I made camouflage fondant and the top was supposed to look like a log (not sure I hit the mark on that one). 

 I added some branches, grass, leaves and a duck "silhouette". 

I finished it up with some cattails and the cattails holding the sign.  Overall, I was pleased with the turnout.  

For food we served Gator Tai (chicken tenders),

Yuppie food (fruit),

squirrel brains (mac n cheese), and

frog legs (chicken wings).

We also served Uncle Si's sweet tea and water.

I ordered the cutest do-it-yourself photobooth props from Etsy.  For just $10, I got the beards, glasses, duck calls, bandanas and more.  I printed them and cut them out.  Easy peasy.  I used another blind as my backdrop and had the kids all pose for pics.  I then printed out the pics old school photo booth style and each kid was given their photo strip.

I'll admit, the 5 and 6 year old boys were not as into this as I thought they would be.  They did it to make me happy, but I think it was just to make me happy.  Haha.  It was a totally adorable idea though and I hope they enjoyed the pictures they took home.

Oh I also mad each kid a Duck Commander T-shirt using iron ons and an image I took from google.  I got the shirts for about $3 apiece from and the iron on transfers I bought at Walmart.  They were super easy.    I also purchased each kid a camouflage bandana which they wore "Willie Style" tied around their head.

You kind of have to watch the show to appreciate the games, but the first game we did was a lawnmower race, based off the show where Willie and all the guys got involved in a lawnmower race.

I basically divided the kids into 2 teams and they went through an obstacle course.  The winner advanced to the next round.

The kids had SO much fun with the lawnmower races.

Everyone got super competitive, but it was all in good fun.

Nicholas helped cheer Jack on...

but in the end...

he lost to his friend Jack.

After the lawnmower races we headed indoors for food.  The kids ate surprising well.  I told them what we were eating (gator tail, frog legs, squirrel brain, etc) and they just all sat there and stared at me. They were terrified that's what I was actually going to feed them.

Jack let them in on the joke and all was well with the world.

After dinner we went back outside for a donut eating contest.  In the Duck Dynasty episode, the boys tried to eat as many donuts as they could.  We, however, just tried to eat the donuts without hands and tried to see who could eat it the fastest.

It was a big hit, but I think the kids would have liked to have done more.

One donut was enough considering we had cake and ice cream to go.

After that, we all lined up for the piñata.  

This is how a pinata goes when you have no mature trees in your yard.  You go ladder style.  Hey, whatever works.

It didn't take long for the pinata to be broken open.  They don't make things like they used to.

After the pinata came the cake.

Jack has gotten a lot better at letting himself bet he center of attention.

I don't think he even got shy.

He made his wish...

and actually had to blow the candle a couple of times before it went out.  I love Ella in the background of the picture below. What is she doing?  Only Ella!

I finally got the crazy boys settled down enough to get them to pose for a picture.  Who knew all it took was to say, "head for the dirt."  They liked that idea.

I think (hope) a fun time was had by all and everyone left happy, happy, happy.


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