Monday, September 30, 2013

Fourth Time's a Charm

Well, registration for the Pittsburgh Marathon opens tomorrow.

My first: Livestrong Austin Marathon 2010


Trained mostly by myself
Recovering from a broken shoulder and wrist

The Race: 
Slow and steady

The Result:  
4:58:19 (so happy)

My Second:  Rock n Roll San Antonio

Training: I ran almost every single mile with the beautiful Bianca.  Flawless.  It couldn't have gone better really.

The Race:  86 degrees.  Hot, miserable and HARD. Not the result I'd hoped for.

The Result:  5:02:49

My Third:  NYC "Run Anyway" Marathon

Training:  Solid.  Moved from Texas to Pennsylvania part way through.  Was happy with my running and hoping to have a great race.

The Race:  The race was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy

The Result: No official time, but right around 5:00 miserable hours.  Not happy.  

It seems about time I have a happy race and I'm going to get it in Pittsburgh 2014.  Pittsburgh isn't an easy course, so I'm not looking to be fast.  I'm looking to have great training and finally a great race.  The two need to finally go hand in hand.  Pittsburgh Marathon here I come!  Who's with me Pittsburgh?

Fourth time's a charm.


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