Monday, September 23, 2013

How to have a Justin Bieber Birthday Party

Ok this really isn't a how-to, but this is what I did for my daughter Ella's Justin Bieber Party.  

First I bought every girl attending the party a peal and place star.  I used glitter glue to fill in each girls' name.  I hung them up as the backdrop to our "photo booth" but they were given to each girl to take home at the end of the party.  They are a vinyl sticker meant to hang up and remove and aren't supposed to damage walls etc.  I thought they were cute. 

I bought a bunch of photo booth props from Oriental Trading, Walmart and the Dollar Store.  I bought feather boas, hats, sunglasses, and beads.  I also used some of Ella's hats we had lying around the house.  Oh and don't forget the life size Justin Bieber cutout.

The girls needed a little more coaxing than I originally thought they would to dress up and pose with Bieber, but once they did they just looked so cute.

I plan to use the photos in Ella's thank you cards.  It should be fun for each girl to see their photos.

I think it was adorable.  The leftover props were also sent home with the girls as favors (hats, boas, beads, sunglasses).

I found make-your-own guitar and star beaded necklace and bracelet kits at Target (a LONG time ago) on clearance.  I bought them as a "maybe these will come in handy some day"and they certainly did.

The girls were really patient and strung their beads onto the elastic necklace and bracelets.  I think they had fun making them and most of the girls immediately put on their creations.

After the craft came the pinata.  The girls definitely needed to get up and get moving, and what's a party with out a pinata?

This is George's MacGyver for having no mature trees in our yard to hold a pinata.  Don't worry, no one was injured.

 Next came cake.  I loved making this cake and while it wasn't perfect (they never are) this is one of my favorite cakes.

 Ella especially loved this cake and was really happy with the zebra print.

It took her several blows to get her candles out.

But she didn't give up...

... and eventually got them all.

Finally, we played pin the lips on Justin.  Justin got plenty of kisses by the time it was all said an done.  I simply printed return address labels with red lips and wrote each girls' name on the lips (so they'd no which one was theirs when their blindfold came off) and I bought a $5 Justin poster from Walmart.

While I'm not sure everyone at the party was a huge Justin fan, it still seemed to be fun for ALL the girls.  Ella reported that it was her best party yet.   You know that makes this mama happy!


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