Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Another Day Another Surgery

Well hello lovelies.  Today I had another surgery.  Remember how I had the bladder sling put in place in June?  Well, it was too tight and I couldn't pee properly y'all.  Not good.  So I elected to go in today and have the mesh snipped to loosen it a little.  The hope is, it will help me to be able to pee correctly AND hopefully have the mesh still be effective for my stress incontinence.  There's a 40% chance the mesh will not work properly anymore.  I'm really, really praying that is NOT the case.

Since breaking my shoulder in 2010, I've had 7 surgeries.

July 2010:  Pin insertion
August 2010:  Pin Removal
September 2010:  Shoulder manipulation
October 2010:  Kidney Stone Removal
December 2010:  Arthroscopic Surgery
June 2013:  Bladder Mesh
October 2013:  Mesh snip

I think I've hit my quota for my lifetime.  Hopefully this is the last time you'll see me in a gown in a LONG, LONG time.

I'll be taking one week off from workouts (2 from the pool) and hopefully I'll be peeing when I should and not when I shouldn't.


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