Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

As you well know, today is Halloween.  What a crappy day here in western PA.  The day wasn't so bad, but just around trick or treat time the winds kicked up and it started to rain.  Just MISERABLE for the kids.  I haven't had such a miserable Halloween since 2006 when Nicholas was a bear and his whole furry suit was soaked head to toe.  Regardless, the went for candy and did have fun.  Tracey and her kids came over to go with us.  

Ella was a greek goddess.  

Basically she just liked the pretty dress, but that was fine by me.  Originally she had picked out a $100 costume that she found in a catalog in the mail.  I never intended on buying her the $100 costume (but she thought I did).  So one day I just came home with this MUCH LESS expensive costume and she was in love.  Crisis adverted.

She was over the moon about her full face of make-up. Oh well, I thought.  It's halloween!

Jack was a Navy Seal.  Gone are the days of me wanted to be creative and forcing themes on my kids.  I really let them be whatever they want to be (as long as it's not $100).  Jack got this costume at good ole Walmart for $14.97.  A little face paint and we were good to go.

He was so happy and excited.

Nicholas got VERY creative with his costume.  He decided to be Sidney Crosby.  Ha!  He had all the stuff, I only had to spring for the socks and they're so big they'll probably fit him until he's a freshman.

On a different note, Nicholas is growing out his hair.  That's why he looks so fuzzy.  Cute, but fuzzy!

I may not have a theme....

... but I have three happy kiddos...

... and one very confused dog.

Poor Sidney, she didn't know why she was wearing a tutu.

Just because, Sidney, just because.

Happy Halloween everyone!


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