Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I'm a Runner XXXI

Susan Tirch

Sports Watcher and TV Watcher 
39, Mars, Pennsylvania 

I've always said I'd run the Pittsburgh marathon.  I just never thought it would be 2014.  I really thought I was going to take a break from the full for awhile, but Tracey talked me into it.  (And by talked me into it, I mean she mentioned she was doing it and I wanted to be able to do it "with" her).

Some of my friends from Texas are considering coming up for the race.  Right now I'm heavily recruiting 5 friends.  One friend already registered (right Kortni?) and I've got to work on the rest!

The goal for Pittsburgh is to train well and stay healthy.  I really want to have a good race, but it's not defined by a time.  It's training well so I know I can do the race and then going out there and giving it all I have to give that day.

Once I saw the crowd support for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon, I knew I would have to do the full in Pittsburgh.  There's nothing like crowd support when you're trying to dig for anything to find the strength to finish.

Running is supposed to be a simple sport where all you need is a pair of shoes.  Yeah right.  Nothing is simple.  Shoes, clothes, outfits, Sweaty Bands, Garmins, Water belts, Spibelts, oh and let's not forget the race entry fees.  Yeah.  Simple!

This year has been a bad running year for me.  After taking 6 weeks off for my legs then another 8 weeks off due to my surgery, I've just never had the time to really get my groove back.  I'm hoping to find it again soon and as I train for this marathon.

I've got big goals for 2014 and the Pittsburgh Marathon is just one of them.

If I don't get to run Pittsburgh in 2014 for some reason (injury or something) then I WILL recruit everyone again, because I will NEVER train for a marathon all alone again (meaning when none of friends are training for a full at the same time).

I picture myself running like a Kenyan, but then Nicholas imitates the way I run and I realize I will always be the girl that runs pigeon toed with her butt sticking out and her shoulders shrugged.  It's bad. Oh well.

If I'm upset with my Pittsburgh time at the end of all this, someone please remind me to come back and read this post.  My goal is to train smart, have fun and stay injury free.  PERIOD!


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