Sunday, October 13, 2013

Quick Chick 10K Race Recap

Ok let's review shall we?  On September 21st I did the Mighty Moraine Oly Tri and then 2 weeks later I did the Rock n Roll Cleveland Half Marathon.  So yeah I'll admit, I'm a tad bit tired.  I raced both those races the best I could so for today's race, The Quick Chick 10k, I just wanted to have fun and not stress about time.  

I'm not really fond of the 10k race.  I've only done two prior to today (IBM Uptown Classic and Statesman Capital 10k).  One was good (IBM) and one was bad (Statesman).  So today I promised myself no pressure.  I got a free entry into the race and I really just wanted to have fun being at a race with my friends.  

Tracey, Charlene, Me 
Tracey's plan was to go big and do the best she could.

Charlene was supposed to take it easy because she's going for a sub 2:00 half next weekend.

We all had our own agendas, but I think we all just wanted to have fun at this inaugural all women's race.

The race was at the North Park loop where I run ALL the time.  I could basically run this course with my eyes closed, it's that familiar.  The only thing was, we were running it counter clockwise and I always run it clockwise.  I have, on occasion, run it counter clockwise, but I definitely do not prefer it.  

We started off fast (as usual) and I had flashbacks to Cleveland and going out too fast and paying for it later.  I told myself to enjoy a fast first mile and then to settle into my pace.

Mile 1:  9:18

Charlene was supposed to be taking it easy, remember?  Well she quickly pulled ahead of me.  As much as I would have liked to keep up with her, I just didn't want to lose steam.  I wanted to try and stay steady.   This is a pretty hilly course with the biggest hill coming at mile 5.  I had to save myself for the end.  Miles 2 and 3 were slow and steady. 

Mile 2:  9:37
Mile 3:  9:46

It is awesome to be on a course you know because you can slow down or speed up and know exactly what lies ahead.  At just about the 3 mile mark there is one of the tougher hills.  I promised myself I would not walk any until then (if I had to).  I also promised myself I wouldn't go into that hill saying I was going to walk.  I'd only walk if I really, really needed to. 

Turns out, I didn't need to.  I was slow, but I made it up the hill and earned the upcoming flat part of the course.  

Mile 4:  9:48

After the temporary flat came a few rolling hills.  I was really feeling good on this part of the course, but it's obvious the hills slowed me down.  

Mile 5:  9:54 

Right at the end of mile 5 came THE HILL.  It was what I'd been saving myself for the whole time.  Again, I told myself if I had to walk I could, but I had to at least TRY to make it up the hill.  After all, I had been saving a lot of steam for this part of the course.  What was the sense in saving up if I didn't give it all I had.  

At the bottom of the hill I saw a smiling face.  She watched me run by and seemed so warm and sweet. I think she and her group shouted out a few words of encouragement to the runners.  I needed it.  I told myself to just go for it and I did.  

I powered up that hill like no one's business.  I ran as fast and as hard as I could and I promised myself not to let up until I either puked or made it to the top.  Luckily I made it to the top and I did it without puking.  I had to apologize to the ladies around me for my heavy breathing.  I was seriously gasping for breath as I reached the top.  

I was so elated that I had made it to the top without dying that I decided to finish fast and strong.  I enjoyed that last mile the most as I cruised on home.

Mile 6:  9:36

Just .2 miles to go.  I could do it, but I had very little left.  I spied the finish line and kicked it in as hard as I could.  I feel like I was going so fast.  

Mile 6.2:  1:42 (8:25 pace)  

Total:  59:47  (official time 59:49)
Average:  9:37 (official pace 9:39) 

My goal going into the race was to average a 10:00 mile (1:02 finish), but I managed to do better than that and squeak in under 1:00.  I am really happy with that.  I finished 21st out of 52 in my age group.

I treated myself with a yummy mimosa for my small little victory.  Congrats to Charlene for taking it easy and finishing 13th in her age group.  I hate to see what she'd do if she tried.  haha!  We'll see next week at Buffalo Creek Half!

As for Tracey?  Is it any surprise that she is on the podium?  She rocked it and finished 2nd in her age group.  I feel like a proud mama.

So yeah, maybe the 10k distance isn't as bad as I once thought it was.  Maybe I can do it again.  Maybe I will.

Thanks to Jennifer for being the smiling face at the bottom of the hill as I ran by.  She came up to me after the race and told me she's a reader and inspired by the little words I write here.  It meant so, so much to me.  So thank you Jennifer for taking the time to say hello.  Hopefully I'll see you RUNNING at the next one!


C. Caughey-Stambul said...

Nice run! I ran this race as well. It was a lot of fun. That last hill was killer, haha!

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