Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I'm Alive

Just so everyone knows, I am alive.  I feel like I've been so busy lately.  I've been working (pharmacist) and I've been sick (some kind of virus I think) and I just haven't done much of anything unnecessary.  I've just been spending a lot of time of the couch when I'm not at work.

I did decide it was time to hunker down and get serious about NOT gaining weight this holiday season.  I can NOT continue to eat and eat without any regard.  Mini butterfinger here, mini twix here, etc.  You get the point.  Well it all adds up.  I continually eat whatever I want, whenever I want and I feel gross.

So I'm back on Myfitnesspal (momswimbikerun) and I'm logging my food (good and bad).  I enjoy food and I don't necessarily agree with restricting.  I'm making better choices when I can and and being conscious of everything going in my mouth.  I'll be a lot less likely to "nickel and dime" myself to death over the holidays.

I'm really just hoping I'll maintain (or lose a little) over the holidays and then really buckle down after all the holidays are over.  I know I always say don't wait for tomorrow, and I still feel like that.  Even though I'm not actively trying to lose weight right now, I'm still making an effort toward better health.
I mean if I wasn't mindful over the next 6 weeks, then I'm sure I'd end up being a very unhappy girl come 2014.

Once again, I feel like my fitness has taken a back seat (and not because I want it to).  I took two weeks off after my surgery, then I had a had work, then I got sick, then more work and here it's been almost a week without NOT A SINGLE workout.  I really have the desire to get back on track and I REALLY want my body to cooperate.

There's not point to this post really other than to tell you I'm alive.  I'm trying to be alive AND kicking and I will resume some normalcy starting VERY soon (I hope).

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