Monday, November 25, 2013

See Pittsburgh Day One

Our friends the Gonzalezes were in town to visit us for the weekend.  It means so much for us to have friends from Texas visit.  Let's face it, who wants to leave Texas to come to Pittsburgh?  Seriously, Pittsburgh isn't exactly a vacation destination, but Tony, Val and little Tony wanted to come.  Yay! 

The Gonzalez family is a huge sports family so I figured we'd do all the stadiums in Pittsburgh.  We started at Consol Energy Center.  

We took to the bench and hung out with some of the players too.  They look a little stiff.

Next we headed to Oakland.  I really wanted to show Tony and Val my Alma Mater.  I don't know why, but I do appreciate the Pitt campus now that I'm gone.  As we parked, I realized how much there was to see just on the Pitt campus alone.

We started off at Saint Paul Cathedral.  It was built in 1834 and it is amazing.  Tony had never seen a church like this before, so I really wanted to show him this beautiful building.  (I didn't take any pictures inside).

Next we headed to Melon Institute.  I'm not even sure what Melon Institute is-- a place where they develop technology??? Ok fine, all I know is the columns are so cool and I wanted pics.  

Next up was the Cathedral of Learning.  It is basically a skyscraper constructed in 1921.  It is gothic and gorgeous.

By this time we were hungry and went to my favorite Pittsburgh restaurant.  FATHEADS!!!

We left the south side and head to Station Square where we road the incline to the top of Mount Washington.

There's just nothing like the view at the top of Mount Washington.  It's just too bad the day was so overcast and rainy.

At this point, we headed back down the incline and decided to call it a day.  Believe it or not, day one took over 6 hours from start to finish.

Stop back tomorrow for the day two adventures and to see more of Pittsburgh.  


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