Tuesday, December 3, 2013

23 Elf on the Shelf Ideas (2013)

Ok so I figured I better let you in on the Shenanigans of our Elves Lulu and Sidney this year.  If when you are reading this and it is not a complete list, then it's not Christmas of 2013 yet.  I'll be adding to the list each day until there are 23 new ideas for you to do with your little elf.  For a COMPLETE list, she last year's list here.

Somedays will be more creative than others.  Keeping this up for years might be hard.

Day 1:  Sidney and Lulu arrived back from the North Pole.  I found this little note via a google search, but now I can't find it.  If it's yours, I'd be happy to give credit where credit is due.   Sidney and Lulu also brought along the annual advent calendar.

Day 2:  Jenga Fort

Day 3:  Head first into the cereal box

Day 4:  Sidney and Lulu traded our stocking for underwear!!!

Day 5:  Those sneaky little elves helped themselves to the Keurig and made some hot chocolate.

Day 6:  The elves thought it would be fun to change all the family into Rudolph.  

Day 7:  The elves helped themselves to a little Elf spaghetti (candy, fruit loops and syrup) and brought the kids the movie Elf.  They wrote a note inviting our family to have a Family Movie and Spaghetti Night.

Day 8:  Sidney and Lulu decided to snuggle up with Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  This is the TRUE meaning of Christmas after all.

Day 9:  The elves were feeling a tad lazy and just hopped into the Christmas stockings 

Day 10:  The kids were complaining that the elf has been too easy to find.  She they hid in the cabinet underneath the cocktail glasses.  It took a long while to find them. 

Day 11:   Took a ride on the ceiling fan

Day 12:  Hid out in the fruit bowl

Day 13:   Taking a ride on the Polar Express (the train under our tree)

Day 14:   These damn lazy elves have been doing a lot of hiding.  They need to step it up and do some other creative stuff.  Anyway... hid out in the Christmas Village.

Day 15:  The Elves moved without taking a picture.  How RUDE!!!  Maybe they'll recreate it for me so we can all see a pic.  Anyway.  They wrote in dry erase marker on the boys' bathroom mirror.  MERRY CHRISTMAS and then sat there like dummies holding the marker.  Duh we knew they did it!

Day 16:  Roasting marshmallows.  I don't know, but I heard they almost set off the fire alarm at midnight pulling this one off.  Oh boy!

Day 17:  The elves decided to have a friendly competition of Connect 4.

Day 18:  Time to get their exercise on.  The elves made a CrossFit WOD

Day 19:  Inspired by Miley Cyrus, the elves swung from ornaments on the tree wrecking ball style.

Day 20:  Sidney and Lulu hid in a drawer with their butts sticking out (not pictured) 

Day 21:  These crazy two got caught kissing under the mistletoe.  

Day 22:  I think the elves are missing the North Pole and the cold because they hid out in the freezer (with earmuffs). 

Day 23:  Sidney and Lulu say goodbye!!! 

Again, this post will be updated every day now through December 24, 2013 to include all 23 crazy things our elves decide to do!


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