Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cookie Making Party 2013

If you want to hear all about how to host your own cookie making party, you can click this link where I tell all about how I pull it off.  Ella was so excited to have her party this year.  She invited several girls, but seeing as I had to have it the weekend before Christmas, a lot of people were traveling or otherwise and couldn't make it.  

Frist let me just say, I can NOT believe how grown up my child looks.  

When did my chubby faced little girl turn into this slim faced, much too old looking, young lady?

Yeah, not sure how that happened, but it continues to make me incredibly sad.  I know it's party of life, but it sure is hard to accept.  At least I still have one baby in the house (Sidney).

Oh and if I need a chubby faced, little blond girl fix, at least I have Jenna!

All these girls were so well behaved and polite.  It made hosting the cookie party a real pleasure.  I wasn't stressed or irritated.  It was perfect.

The girls were definitely attentive to their cookies and making them pretty, but they were quite efficient and finished up early.

I let the girls each eat one of their creations.  Do you think this will cause a sugar high?

They also sipped on milk from my adorable milk jugs and paper straws that just down right make me happy.  Little things people, little things.

Because we finished up early, I read them the Polar Express and then they started watching the movie.

It turned out to be the PERFECT party!  

Thanks to Tracey and George for helping me pull this off.  3 adults to 5 children. It was a good ratio!


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