Thursday, December 12, 2013

Must Have Running Essentials for Christmas

Ok so I thought I'd show y'all some of my favorite running gear, so that those in need (eh hem... all my male readers) for something for that running loved one in their life, know what to get.  These are items I REALLY use.  No one has paid me to say any of these things (call me Lululemon), these are just REALLY my favorite things.

Run Swiftly Racerback T (see also long sleeve, and short sleeve)

Me Wearing my Run Swiftly Racer Back 

I could seriously LIVE in these shirts.  Doesn't matter, long sleeve, short sleeve, no sleeve.  They are so comfortable and BY FAR my favorite shirt.  I have 6 and I'd take 6 more.  I'm currently crushing on the Tiffany blue (which they call angel blue).

These socks (actually the Thin Socklet) made by SealSkinz were a gift to me from my friend Julie.  I have worn them on every cold weather run since she gave them to me over a year ago.  My feet are never cold, and more importantly, stay DRY!  They're lightweight and thin too.  PERFECTION when you want to stay warm and/or dry.  I wore these during the drumstick dash when it was just 20 degrees and they WORK!  They're a little bit pricey, but that's what friends are for.  Haha, no seriously that's why they'll be a Christmas gift!

My foot is the green shoe.  Clearly I have the best socks! 

Yurbuds Inspire for women (they make men's too).  I know I have talk about these before, but they're seriously my favorite.  The earphones just don't fall out of your ears.  I LOVE mine and they're comfortable through 26.2 miles and all those training miles too.  I'm not easy on my headphones either, and these seem to withstand my wear and tear.

So Comfy I still have them on even after coming through the
finishers' chute and taking my finisher's picture and everything 

2XU Compression Tights.  I wear them in every race, and they suck me in and make me look skinny.  The end!  Ok fine, they're super comfortable and I am generally not sore at all when I wear these tights.  Plus I fell on a banana during a race and they didn't even rip.

Ok I've definitely talked about these before, but I virtually wear them for every workout (unless I wear a hat, which isn't often).  SWEATY BANDS!  These bands do NOT move, like at all.  At all, at all.  Love them.  I have all the sizes and love them all, but have been wearing the thicker ones mostly these days.  I'm currently crushing on this one.  (hint hint GEORGE)

I also am in love with my medal display rack from Allied Medal Displays.  It just makes me happy.  You can customize it (like I did) or use their premade templates too.

I know I've talked about these items before, so I apologize, but I just love them and I want you all to have them and love them too.  Feel free to share my list with your loved ones, to make it YOUR LIST too.

What is your all time favorite running item?  Tell me!  I want to know! 


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thank you for sharing!!!!
just sent the link to this over to my husband with a big "HINT HINT" as the title,lol!
: )

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