Friday, December 6, 2013

Santa on the Fire Truck

I remember being little and looking all around my house.  Lights twinkling, stocking hung on the fireplace, a Christmas decoration adorning every piece of furniture.  The present under the tree were such a temptation, but all I ever did was rearrange and shake.   I never took a peek.   The time was glorious, magical and full of tradition.

I think I've told this story here before, but it's worth repeating for tonight's occasion.  Anyway, I'd always be watching some Christmas show on TV, or so it seemed, an waited ever so IMpatiently for the sound.  The sound of the fire siren and the fire truck with it's big bright lights coming down the road.

Atop the truck sat Santa Claus and he would wave for all of us to see.  We'd all go running out to finally tell Santa what we wanted for Christmas.

Tonight my wonderful neighbor Surprised the children with a visit from Santa and he came on the fire truck. I hope the memories made tonight were like the ones I created as a child.  Glorious, magical and HOPEFULLY a tradition.  Here's their story.

We expected to just see the Girl Scouts Christmas Caroling, but our parents all told us to look down the road.  There was a huge white light and some red sirens.  Everyone shouted, "It's Santa."

The snow was falling and the flakes glistened everyone's hair as Santa came down from the truck to greet all the children.

We looked on at Santa with the awe that only a child can have.  He IS real.

We sat on Santa's lap and told him what we wanted.  A surprise (Ella),  a Lego (Jack) and coal (Nicholas).  Yes he really said he wanted coal!

Yes Jack is back there. haha 

I think we'll all get just what we wanted.  Even Nicholas!  


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