Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I'm a Runner XXXIV

Susan Tirch
39, Mars, Pennsylvania 

I started running "seriously" when I met my friend Tracey, but when I was in college I would run 1 mile from my house to the Shop n Save and back.  I eventually added on past the Shop n Save and worked my way up to 5 long miles.  I have NO IDEA how long it took me, as I never even bothered to time myself.  What's up with that ?

I felt like a real runner after finishing my first marathon.  Sure it was slow, but how can you be anything but a "real runner" if I trained for and ran 26.2 miles.  No faking that!

I'll post on Instagram (@momswimbikerun) and my Mom Swim Bike Run Facebook Page my daily workouts.  Are you following and liking me?

I once did a race all by myself where I didn't know one single other person there doing the race. Now, I can't even imagine doing that, but in some ways I wish I was that person again.  Why do I NEED someone else to be with me to run a race!  I don't!

Pushing my kids in a jogging stroller was really hard, but it made me so much stronger.  The longest run I ever did with the jogger was 10 miles.  Do you think anyone would think I was weird if I put my 10 year old in the jogger and went for a stroll?

I'm angry at running because it creates a hunger in me.  I mean it.  Like really.  I get soooo hungry during marathon training, thus the reason marathon training does NOT equal weight loss.

Isn't it funny when you say things like "just a half" or "I'm ONLY doing the half."  Since when did 13.1 miles become "just" or "only."  Runners are stupid.

Running is one of those things that I truly believe ANYONE can do.  Despite all that you can buy, it really only takes a good pair of shoes and you go.  No one says you have to be fast or how far you have to go, but you CAN do it.  Everyone knows how to run, so why aren't you?

If you're a runner:  When do you feel like a "real runner" 
and if you're not a runner... well why not? 


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