Thursday, January 2, 2014

Jumping January: Jump Rope Challenge

You may remember last month I hosted the Burpee Challenge.  Well this month is Jumping January and I'll be hosting a Jump Rope Challenge.  I decided to do this challenge because a) someone asked me to and b) I really want to get my double unders (when the rope passes under your feet twice in one jump) for CrossFit.

This challenge can really be anything that you want it to be, but I'm starting off easy as a guide.  The first workout will be just 10 minutes and we will work up from there (to hopefully completing as many single or doubles in a row as we can).  This is meant to be something extra that you do in addition to your regular workouts, but if it's all you do in one day, then it's better than nothing.  All I'm saying is, it can be anything that YOU want it to be.

I'll be hosting the challenge over at my facebook page.  So head on over to my page, every day for more details about each day's workout.

I've "stolen" the concept from Real Simple and their 15 minute Jump Rope Workout.  I've tweaked it so this can become a week long challenge.


Day One:

Swing the rope over your head and jump as it passes your feet (near right illustration). You don’t have to jump high, just enough to clear the rope (far right). Land evenly on both feet. Continue for one minute, then rest for one minute.  Continue for a total of 10 minutes.  

I hope you'll follow along and together we can jump into a healthy January with both feet (<-- see what I did there?).  


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