Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pittsburgh Marathon Training Long Run: 10 Miles

Hello lovely ladies and gentlemen (man?  haha).  You may not have realized this lately, but this is a health and fitness blog and there's supposed to be fitness posts up in here.  Well today is your day.  (By the way, I do post all my daily workouts on Instagram (@momswimbikerun --> follow me) and my Facebook "fan" page.  So if you're not getting your daily dose of Susan's workouts, check me out there. 

Anyway, today was the first double digit long run of Pittsburgh Marathon Training (I'm running 26.2 in May).  We knew it was going to be cold and we knew it was going to be snowy, nevertheless I wasn't happy about seeing this when I woke up.  

Feel like -4?  Really?  Really?  I quickly checked my phone in hopes that Tracey or Charlene would have cancelled, alas they did not.  Bummer.  So I was going and I was scared.

As per usual, my legs were sore from my weeks worth of workouts (I did CrossFit 4 days this week) and I was worried how this run would go.

When we pulled up to the park the roads (and running path) didn't seem that bad.  As you can see in the pic below the road was pretty much clear and we tried to run there when there were no cars coming.

That didn't last however and most of the 5 mile loop was slushy, snowy and downright HARD to run on.    

But we were there and we were determined to get our 10 miles in. We did the 5 mile loop 2 times.

Like I said, my legs were really sore and my ankles (an ongoing problem) were really sore.  The good thing is they usually loosen up and feel good, but that's not until mile 3 to 5.  I kept falling behind Tracey and Charlene, but I really was doing the best I could all things considered (snow, legs, temps).


It was really cold and I can't help but think that affects things as well.  We all had face masks that we used, but out eyelashes and eyebrows were accumulating ice.

Nevertheless, we made it through the first loop, slowly, but we made it.

Mile 1:  11:12
Mile 2:  11:13
Mile 3:   11:21 (big ass hill)
Mile 4:   10:48
Mile 5:   11:06  ---> Gu

Tracey informed Charlene and I that we had had a slow first 5 miles.  She said we had to pick it up and make our 2nd loop faster than the first.  After our Gu, I thought it might be possible.

I actually started feeling better physically, but I was cold and a little cranky.  Tracey let us know we had just a 5k left, but to me that sounded like an eternity.  

With the terrain a little flatter after the HUGE hill, I was able to pick up the pace a little (or so I thought).  I thought maybe we'd make up time on our second loop.  The roads were really bad, however, and I think it slowed us down.  We moved out on to the road when we could and even got yelled out by a vehicle coming the same direction we were (i.e. NOT on our side of the road).  Tracey yelled a few expletives at him and that gave a boost to finish the last mile strong.

Mile 6:  11:06
Mile 7: 11:01
Mile 8:  11:30 (big ass hill the other way)
Mile 9:  11:35 (really bad roads and a hill)
Mile 10:  10:16 --> boom

Total:  10.00
Average:  11:07 

We didn't wind up having a faster 2nd half, but at least I FELT better.

Today definitely wasn't the ideal conditions for a great run, but we got it done.  It was definitely slower than I would have liked, but it is what it is.  We ran 10 miles in adverse conditions and we survived.  To me, that's a win.  

Until the weather breaks, we can just dream of warmer weather ladies!  Remember this?  


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